General Knowledge of Classification of Accessories for Doors and Windows

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Hardware fittings for doors and windows seem to be small things, but there are many kinds of them. In fact, they are not what people imagine.

Simple, then follow Baogao Xiaobian to let you know in detail the categories of hardware accessories for doors and windows.

As an important protection barrier for home safety, doors and windows play the role of guarding family safety day and night. However, the hardware fittings of doors and windows are from doors and windows.

Scattered aluminium becomes an essential link for strong doors and windows. There are many kinds of doors and windows, and the accessories for them will gradually increase.

More. Doors and windows can be roughly divided into doors and windows. Aluminum alloy doors can be divided into push-pull doors and open doors. Aluminum alloy windows can be divided into two categories according to each.

There are also two kinds of home scenes: flat windows and push-and-pull windows.

The types of doors and windows are generally customized according to the needs of customers. The hardware fittings of doors and windows are generally divided into: hinges, tracks, handles, handles, pulleys, corner codes, gaskets, locks, locks, converters and so on. When making doors and windows, the corresponding hardware fittings will also appear in their suitable locations, which can be their duties to ensure that doors and windows meet their five standards.

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