How to maintain the lock body of door and window hardware

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As an indispensable lock body accessory for door and window hardware, it plays the role of anti-theft system in our daily life. If there is a problem with the lock body, then our safety will be at risk; therefore, we must pay attention to the maintenance of the lock body every day when using the lock. So how do we perform routine maintenance on the lock body? Do not think that just wipe the surface dust to achieve cleaning, please follow the Baogao hardware to understand:


How to maintain the lock body of door and window hardware

  Dust on the surface of the lock can affect the flexibility of opening and closing the door and window, so we need to wipe it with a clean, soft cloth, but remember to not use a damp cloth. Because the moisture in the lock body can cause the lock case to rust and affect the use of doors and windows.

  People should pay attention to the intensity when opening and closing the door every day. Remember that an excessive collision causes the lock body to deform during the collision. When the door and window cannot be opened, only the lock body and the anti-theft lock cylinder can be replaced. The lock body also needs to be maintained in order to keep the lock body in use and to ensure an extended service life.

  The above is about how to maintain the door and window hardware locks, whether it is home decoration or engineering decoration, doors and windows are indispensable. We must not only learn how to choose the door and window hardware, but also the maintenance of the door and window hardware. Baogao Hardware is perfect because of its extreme.

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