Do a good job of door and window hardware accessories is the mission of Baogao Hardware

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The annual "China Top Ten Brand Awards Ceremony" officially kicked off with the expectation of many people. Numerous industry rookie brands and classic brands gathered at the awarding ceremony, which attracted the strength of many industry experts, distributors, consumers and media. attention! In this award ceremony, Baogao won the title of “China Top Ten Locks” and “China Top Ten Aluminum Door and Window Hardware Brands”. The brand leader proudly declared that even if Baogao accessories are only the supporting role of doors and windows, We also have to do well, to be clear-hearted!


Do the door and window hardware accessories is the mission of Baogao Hardware - Baogao bogo aluminum door and window fittings

Baogao Development·Flourishing

Baogao Brand is a subsidiary of Foshan Baogao Aluminum Door & Window Fittings Co., Ltd. It is a modern large-scale enterprise specializing in the production and marketing of door and window accessories. It is committed to providing quality and modern door and window fittings for the door and window industry, and with many door and window enterprises. Maintain a good relationship of cooperation.

Because the Baogao brand directly faces the door and window enterprises with large demand for accessories, the door and window fittings enterprises must ensure the production of the products while ensuring the quality of the products. This is a big challenge for the production producers. But Baogao has done it! Baogao's production pursues “quick and accurate”, which makes the whole enterprise move forward in the direction of rapid development!

Baogao honors everywhere

Baogao brand adheres to the enterprise tenet of “Innovative and enterprising, sincere and trustworthy, service-oriented”, dares to innovate and continuously improve production technology and product quality. In the years of development struggle, it sums up a set of exclusive production experience and development plan of Baogao. And using these experience skills in production practice, and achieved a series of amazing results, Baogao has thus become a popular brand in the door and window accessories industry. Baogao Brand has won the honorary titles of “Quality Trustworthy Products”, “National Consumers Reassuring Brands”, “China Engineering Construction Recommended Products” and “Green Environmental Protection Preferred Products”. In addition, Baogao won the “China Top Ten Locks Brand” and “China Top Ten Aluminum Door and Window Hardware Brands” in the “China Top Ten Brands” selection campaign, and successfully passed the CCTV review. Become a "CCTV broadcast brand".

Baogao Craft·Seiko Manufacturing

The Baogao brand, which follows the German craftsmanship and ingenuity, advocates the “functionalism principle” in the production of products, focusing on the development of product functionality and practicality, making it closer to the needs of consumers in daily life. The “excellence values” that the Baogao team has followed have penetrated into the hearts of every employee and become their work habit of “strictly controlling the whole process of production, producing only quality products and excellent products”. In daily work, as long as the product is found to be slightly defective, even if the defect does not affect the daily use, the management team still requires that the "imperfect" products be returned to the production workshop and never let them flow to the market. This is Baogao, a company that pursues precision production and has a strong social responsibility!

The Baogao brand is using the accumulated experience and strong comprehensive strength to develop an important driving force for development. In the bright road of the door and window fittings industry, we will go forward!

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