Reasonable selection of door and window hardware accessories

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Doors and windows are the key to home, and their choice is especially important. As the heart of the door and window sash, the door and window hardware is not to be underestimated. So how do you make reasonable use of hardware accessories for doors and windows? The following Baogao Hardware teaches you some principles for the reasonable selection of door and window hardware accessories:


Reasonable use of door and window hardware accessories - Baogao bogo aluminum door and window accessories

1. The first and most important point is to consider the wind pressure resistance, air tightness and stability that the doors and windows need to withstand.

2, at the same time, door and window hardware accessories also need to choose the quality of the door and window hardware manufacturers according to the size of the door and window fan and frame and the shape characteristics of the profile, as well as the direction of opening.

3. When our doors and windows are to meet the wind pressure requirements, the number and layout of the lock points must be determined according to the local wind pressure standard parameters and the height of the floor. It is especially important to determine the required wind pressure resistance and air tightness and stability requirements.

4. Finally, safety performance is the key that must be mentioned. Effectively ensure the safety of doors and windows, but also consider the factors determined by the width and weight of the door and sash, so as to choose the appropriate hinges, sliding supports and door and window hardware such as pulleys.

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