How to properly maintain door and window accessories

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Door and window accessories are an important part of doors and windows, and the hardware and accessories are indispensable for the mission of completing doors and windows. Moreover, the hardware accessories used in different doors and windows are also different, and the maintenance methods are different. Door and window accessories are the key to determining the service life of doors and windows, and their maintenance is especially important. Let's take a look at how to properly maintain the door and window accessories.


How to properly maintain door and window accessories - Baogao bogo aluminum door and window accessories

  Before you do the maintenance of the door and window fittings, you must understand the basic structure of the door and window fittings. Only by understanding the basic properties can you better carry out the maintenance work. Door and window fittings are an important part of doors and windows. It determines the key position of doors and windows, so maintenance is indispensable.

  Windows are the key to ventilation and lighting of building systems, and the opening frequency is relatively high. Therefore, the door and window hinges, pulleys and other movable door and window fittings need to be used frequently. In the long run, the flexible performance may be reduced due to the adhesion of dust. Therefore, for such door and window fittings, it is preferable to periodically inject the lubricating oil. And the direction of the handle and the rotation of the lock, remember not to use violence frequently, but also to avoid heavy objects hanging, which will have a certain impact on the connection of the door and window.

  Secondly, if you find that the lock cylinder in your home is not sensitive to the beginning, you can use the powder on the pencil lead to lubricate the lock hole. However, you must not use lubricating oil to maintain the lock cylinder, otherwise it will adhere to the dust.

  About the maintenance of door and window accessories will be introduced here, more information about door and window hardware can focus on Baogao hardware 

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