Door and window hardware features

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Door and window hardware is especially important for doors and windows. The basic functions of doors and windows rely on door and window hardware. And people basically do not understand the importance of door and window hardware, then what are the characteristics of door and window hardware? Below, Baogao Hardware introduces everyone one by one:


Door and window hardware features - Baogao bogo aluminum door and window accessories

1, sealing performance

  Door and window hardware locks are tightly closed, which can effectively ensure the sealing performance of doors and windows; no matter whether it is windy or rainy, it can not leak water and not enter dust.

2, insulation performance and thermal insulation performance

  The design of the door and window hardware needs to take into account the influence of the sealing performance of the door and window on the insulation and thermal insulation performance, and can be adjusted for the adjustable lock point to ensure that the door and window are in the closed state. At the same time, the closed state of the doors and windows can be effectively controlled according to the preferences of the consumers.

3, anti-theft performance

  Doors and windows are isolated from indoor and outdoor protective barriers, and need to protect home security; therefore, door and window hardware must have good anti-theft performance, to ensure the combination of lock points to ensure the anti-theft performance of doors and windows.

4, noise reduction performance

  The door and window hardware needs to have a good sealing performance to ensure the sound insulation and noise reduction performance of the entire door and window; at the same time, it is combined with double-glazed glass or hollow glass to form good sound insulation performance, and the sound insulation effect is very obvious indoors.

  In addition, the comfortable operation and convenient use are all required to ensure the door and window hardware. The door and window hardware is essential for the use of doors and windows; in order to ensure the best condition of the doors and windows, everyone Be sure to carefully purchase the door and window hardware. Baogao hardware quality products provide you with a total solution for high-end door and window systems.

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