Overview of the use of door and window hardware

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In our daily life, in addition to different materials and different styles of doors and windows, so does the door and window hardware. Among them, door locks, handles, pulleys, hinges, screws, etc., are all made into door and window hardware. Door and window hardware is not as simple as we think. In fact, door and window hardware is especially important.

  So, what is the use of so many door and window hardware? The following Baogao Hardware Xiaobian will lead everyone to understand:


Overview of the use of door and window hardware - Baogao bogo aluminum door and window accessories

Overview of the use of door and window hardware

  Since the appearance of aluminum alloy doors and windows, people have invented sliding windows. Sliding windows For us, there is no problem with the stopper, because the sliding sash is almost the same when it is opened and closed, and there is no big change. One disadvantage of the sliding window is that there is a fixed fan that requires a large window opening area. At the same time, it is difficult to adapt to the required airtight performance and watertight performance. With the requirements of the doors and windows of buildings, there are strict requirements for the sealing and heat insulation of windows, including anti-theft performance. In order to meet people's needs, there is the appearance of the casement window.

  Those doors and windows that have high performance requirements are developed with the cooperation of door and window hardware, and the hardware accessories directly determine the quality of the doors and windows. In short, there is no good door and window hardware, and even the best performance of doors and windows is imaginable. After understanding the general purpose of the door and window hardware, please click here to find out how to choose the door and window hardware http://www.baogao888.com/news-view-204.html 

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