How to choose door and window hardware

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In our daily life, we often come into contact with door and window hardware. Although hardware accessories are small, they play an indispensable role and are important products in home life. So as a key to such an important, how to choose the door and window hardware? Below, Baogao Hardware leads everyone to learn together:


How to choose door and window hardware - Baogao bogo aluminum door and window fittings

How to choose hardware accessories

1, observe its flexible performance

  Regardless of the type of hardware you choose, its flexibility is the number one priority we need to pay attention to, especially those that are used frequently. If there is inflexibility, it will be very unsmooth to use, which will bring a lot of trouble to our lives.

2, is it easy to rust

  When we choose the door and window hardware, we also need to pay attention to whether the hardware accessories are easy to rust, especially when exposed to the outside, often suffering from wind and rain. The surface treatment of all products of Baogao Hardware is anodized. The relative quality of these hardware is relatively good and there will be no rust and corrosion.

3, the sealing performance of hardware accessories

  As a key component that determines the age of doors and windows, hardware accessories must pay attention to its sealing performance. Especially for the door and window hardware in the balcony and bathroom area, the sealing performance requirements will be higher. After all, the sealing performance is also a direct decision on the quality of the product.

4, the appearance of the product

  Today's young people not only have to consider practical performance, but also consider whether the appearance is beautiful. Therefore, the novel door and window hardware is also highly sought after by consumers. Baogao hardware accessories products are complete in variety, welcome customers to come to consult and purchase.

  The above is how to choose the relevant introduction of door and window hardware, I hope to bring some help to everyone, so that everyone can choose the right hardware accessories.

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