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Everyone knows that every household is inseparable from doors and windows, and there must be door and window fittings for doors and windows. But for the door and window accessories, there are still many people who don't know much about it. Below, Baogao Hardware will share with you some of the problems you will encounter when purchasing door and window accessories:


Trap reminder for door and window accessories purchase _ Baogao bogo door and window hardware accessories

Trap reminders for door and window hardware purchase:

1, the quality of hardware accessories is poor

  Due to the lack of understanding of the door and window hardware accessories, it is inevitable that there will be no choice when purchasing. However, door and window fittings play an important role in the use of doors and windows, which directly affects the life of the doors and windows in the future. Therefore, to choose the door and window accessories, we must pay attention to the performance of the hardware accessories.

2, the installation and after-sales problems can not be resolved

  I often hear people spit in the home decoration, the purchase of things used a few days to appear a variety of problems, time for a variety of quality problems one after another, contact the factory after-sales problems can not be resolved. So no matter what you buy, pay attention to the installation and post-sales issues.

3, the door and window design layout lacks rationality

  Because the size of doors and windows is not the same, the design of doors and windows is particularly important. From the initial door-to-door measurement to the final confirmation of the design, not only should it match the overall decoration style of the home, but also pay attention to whether the layout of each small detail is reasonable.

4, product price information

  Some manufacturers also have ambiguous information about the price of the product. On the surface, the price is reasonable. In fact, the murder is hidden. After the consumer orders, they will add extra money. Therefore, everyone must understand the basic configuration, and then see the list at the time of settlement, so as not to be pitted.

  Door and window hardware is a must for every household. Knowing the trap reminders for door and window accessories can help you choose better hardware accessories. Baogao Hardware creates with heart and makes your home more comfortable! If you are interested in buying door and window accessories, please contact us.

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