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For a long time, the company adheres to the "innovative and enterprising, sincere and trustworthy, service first" corporate purpose, dare to innovate, constantly improve, by virtue of strong research and development capabilities and technological advantages have always maintained a leading position in the industry, by the trust and esteem of customers at home and abroad. Looking forward to the future, we will work with you to create a brilliant tomorrow. Aluminum Door & Window Accessories Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and marketing company specializing in the development of folding doors, hanging doors, sliding doors, hollow doors and window accessories. The company is headquartered in Foshan Dali, the capital of China's aluminum, and has been committed to providing high-end aluminum door and window accessories and overall solutions for global users.

Foshan Bogo Aluminum Door and Window Accessories Co., Ltd. was established in 1999, has been focusing on the development and production of aluminum alloy door and window accessories for 18 years.

Bao Gao Bogo brand upholds the fine quality of German industry and devotes itself to the R&D and innovation of new aluminum doors and windows products. The company has a deep strategic cooperative relationship with many large-scale aluminum profiles and hardware enterprises at home and abroad. It has introduced advanced international production equipment and technology to ensure the quality of each Bao Gao product. With the continuous improvement of technology, we constantly meet the market demand for high-end doors and windows.

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German craftsmanship

"Made in Germany" for many consumers, has long become a synonym for quality assurance, many of the world-renowned brands in all walks of life, all reflect.

The extraordinary creativity and quality of German craft. In the doors and windows market, we have undoubtedly become the representative of German technology, and will be the best manufacturing technology in Germany.

Has played to the extreme, has obtained many favors in the industry, and in the market to be widely promoted and applied.

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